SDGE Home Upgrade Program

 SDGE Energy Upgrade Program


We are proud to be participate contractor under the SDGE UtilityUtility Funded Program helps residential and commercial customers cut their energy use through efficiency solutions like insulation , double glazing window a lighting solutions, energy management systems and monitoring.


How It Works


The program accesses funding available from your public utility to install energy-efficient products in your residential/commercial buildings.

There are no cost for your organization.
You start saving money on your energy bill immediately, month after month, and the savings increase once the project is paid for.


The Process


Utility account holder , this program can make your building more energy-efficient and reduce greenhouse gas pollution, starting on day 1.

Here’s the process:


  • Energy Assessment 


  • If eligible, we setup a project plan to you.


  • We facilitate the process to get your organization approved to obtain project funding available from government and public agencies, which partially offsets the project cost


  • You can pay for the remaining costs of the project up-front or we will finance the balance (after rebates) of the upgrades.


  • This monthly payment is entirely offset by your monthly energy savings. You will see a net savings and positive cash-flow for the term of the financing (36-60 mos.)


  • Your new, modern lighting is installed without disruption or downtime to your business


  • After the financing term, you keep the entire energy savings each month on your bill


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