Control Your Climate:

Our services include the installation of a complete climate control system that can be connected to your various devices through Wi-Fi. This allows you to control the environment of your residence directly from your phone. You can change the temperature, monitor current heat levels, and increase or decrease air flow as you wish. That means that whatever air conditioning devices we install can be customized according to your needs on the fly. You can thus save a lot on energy costs and make sure that the residence is as comfortable as possible. We can also install climate control systems with preexisting air conditioning devices so that you don’t have to bear any additional costs when setting up the entire system.

Conserve Energy Costs:

Our climate control systems are incredibly useful if you’re trying to conserve energy. Conserving energy is good for both you and the climate. You can save a ton of money if you manage the environment of your home remotely and you can also reduce the carbon footprint that you leave behind. The efficient energy climate control systems can help you go green, in a time when going green is more important than ever before. Controlling the climate regularly also means that your property will use less resources. That can mean a lot of saved costs, which is especially useful if you’re running an Air BnB.

Control Everything Remotely:

The integration of Wi-Fi and a remote and secure server ensures that you can manage everything by yourself, even when you’re not there. Our application allows you customize everything directly through your phone which can connect to our server via the internet. This means that you can change any aspect of your residence’s climate at the push of a button. This remote capability also means that you can make sure that your home is using less resources when there’s no one in it. It also allows you to set up the climate before you get home which means that when you arrive the home will already be customized according to your needs.


Energy Efficient Lights:

As you already know, not all lights are made equal. The type of bulbs that you use determines how much energy you consume. There are three main types of bulbs that have proven to be more energy efficient than traditional lights. These are CFL, halogen incandescent, and LED. Of these three, LED lights are the most commonly used as they are cheap and easily available. Their light levels are also high and the bulb itself lasts for a long time which means that you won’t have to replace them regularly.

Incandescent bulbs are rarely used nowadays as they just meet the minimum energy requirement set by the federal government. They are an outdated technology and if you still use them you should think about switching to LEDs. They may cost more initially but their low power consumption and longer life expectancy ensures that you’re saving money in the long run.


Smart Lighting:

If you really want to take your energy efficiency up a notch then you should think about installing smart lighting system. These systems do two main things. The firs benefit that they give you is that they allow you to control the light levels of your home from your phone. That means that wherever you are, you can change the light levels of your home. That is important if you want to change the light levels as the day goes on and night sets in. It also means that you don’t have to get up to turn off unnecessary lights as you can just see which lights are on currently and can shut down the ones that you don’t need.

You are also able to set timers in the system so your lights know when to turn off. That comes in real handy if you wish to turn the lights off as soon as the sun starts to rise. That might not seem like the best feature but it has an incredible cumulative effect. It can save a lot on energy costs in the long run.


Go Green With Automatic Lights:

When you use an automated light system you make sure that your lights use as little energy as possible. That results in two huge benefits. The first is the low cost that you incur for energy consumption. You can save a lot of money in the long run with such systems. You can also have a positive effect on the environment as you reduce your carbon footprint. You also help in reducing light pollution which is a real problem in urban areas.

How Solar Panels Work:

Solar panels don’t completely remove the need for an actual power connection. Instead, they act as a primary source of power. They generate power through sunlight and use that power as a first priority. If that fails though, the system shifts to traditional power. That feature is necessary as solar panels can become blocked, can develop faults, or can completely run out of power if power consumption during the night is too high. That is when your house shifts to traditional power to make sure that it still has power to run everything.


Solar Panel Installation:

Solar panel installation is a relatively simple process. If your house has an open roof and gets plenty of sunlight, it is suitable for solar panels. After they are installed, they are hooked up to the main circuit breaker of the house. That allows them to supply power directly to your house without interruption. Installation only takes a few days after the solar panels are purchased and doesn’t involve much construction, although that can change depending on the house you have. If there is nothing obstructing the roof of your house, you can expect installation to be completed in a few days.


Solar Panel Maintenance:

One of the few drawbacks of solar panels is that they require regular maintenance. Most of this maintenance can be completed by you as it only involves cleaning dust from the actual panels, making sure that they run as efficiently as possible. Other forms of maintenance involve changing the photovoltaic cells that are in solar panels. That can cost both time and money, but you can take solace in the fact that usually needs to be changed after years.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station:

With Teslas roaming about the streets, vehicle charging stations have become a necessity. We specialize in installing charging stations for cars because we are a fan of Tesla and their cars. We love the fact that electric cars are catching on and we are doing everything we can to make sure that they stick around. Our car charging stations can be used by a variety of car types, not only Teslas. We want to make sure that once you install the station you don’t need to go anywhere else to charge your car.