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Brieza brings customers amaizing pricing and support because they deal directly with the manufacturers, have state-of-the-art support and engineers on staff to answer all customer questions.

The Brieza smart energy  affiliate program is available in the kaza affiliate network, the larger energy efficiency affiliate network and is professionally managed by the team of koko Inc.

Our goal is to help you be productive, efficient, and more profitable, If you have any questions please contact us at

6% commission on every sale!
High AOV over $1,000

30 days

No bidding on our brand or trademark terms in any phrase type or in any combination, in any engine. EXAMPLES OF RESTRICTED TERMS: 
Direct linking and Deep linking: Yes
Use of domain in Display URL: NO

Yes! Coupon Affiliates Welcome! You can promote special offers to your customers via the brieza affiliate program.

Yes, our approved blogger affiliates are welcome to use image source links to products on our site for their positive blog posts about Energy Efficiency.