Solar Energy


How Solar Panels Work:

Solar panels don’t completely remove the need for an actual power connection. Instead, they act as a primary source of power. They generate power through sunlight and use that power as a first priority. If that fails though, the system shifts to traditional power. That feature is necessary as solar panels can become blocked, can develop faults, or can completely run out of power if power consumption during the night is too high. That is when your house shifts to traditional power to make sure that it still has power to run everything.


Solar Panel Installation:

Solar panel installation is a relatively simple process. If your house has an open roof and gets plenty of sunlight, it is suitable for solar panels. After they are installed, they are hooked up to the main circuit breaker of the house. That allows them to supply power directly to your house without interruption. Installation only takes a few days after the solar panels are purchased and doesn’t involve much construction, although that can change depending on the house you have. If there is nothing obstructing the roof of your house, you can expect installation to be completed in a few days.


Solar Panel Maintenance:

One of the few drawbacks of solar panels is that they require regular maintenance. Most of this maintenance can be completed by you as it only involves cleaning dust from the actual panels, making sure that they run as efficiently as possible. Other forms of maintenance involve changing the photovoltaic cells that are in solar panels. That can cost both time and money, but you can take solace in the fact that usually needs to be changed after years.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station:

With Teslas roaming about the streets, vehicle charging stations have become a necessity. We specialize in installing charging stations for cars because we are a fan of Tesla and their cars. We love the fact that electric cars are catching on and we are doing everything we can to make sure that they stick around. Our car charging stations can be used by a variety of car types, not only Teslas. We want to make sure that once you install the station you don’t need to go anywhere else to charge your car.