Energy Management System For Your Property

Let our experts take care of your Energy management strategy and start saving from today!

From Smart lights to smoke detector sensors,
we are here to set you up for the climate change and energy crises coming on us in California .

Your Energy Efficiency & Air Quality 

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Gov rebates still available .

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Smart Energy Systems

Internet of things

Our energy mangment system supports all smart home devices.
Simply connect your home appliances to the Brieza App platform through WiFi.
Your WiFi Router will transmit any and all of your device's data to your mobile App through an ITT Global-deployed secure  server.
Then you can remotely control your home appliances from anywhere at any time.

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  • Building energy management Software
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How It Works

Who We Serve

Our system & service is perfect for home owners, AirBNB providers,
property management and landlords. 

Choose which products best suit your needs and take control of your property energy through the simplicity of an app!

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Easy Setup

Adding a device ID is easy and simple !

No manual work needed.

Simple and fast!

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Your Building Energy Insurance

Share your energy management systems  with our energy pro .

Get support with:

- Fire protection
- Water leaking
- Air quality 

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Our Business

Building energy management Service san diego

Systems & Service

The app connects virtually any electronic device to the Internetfor smart energy control

monitoring from anywhere.

Our services cover the following

main categories:

Service List
Building energy management california

Security & Compliance

Brieza follows international security standards and industry requirements and builds them into the internal control framework.

Brieza now serves as an IoT solution provider with comprehensive certificates.

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Franchise Opportunities

We offer a unique superior concept for the property management industry.
We offer unique products  & solutions 

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You're covered in California

We cover six locations in California, serving you at your property .

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East to use, easy to install , easy to monitor and to control my energy usage